Acoustical consultation in industrial applications range from industrial workplace noise monitoring, predictive noise mapping, Noise Reduction Feasibility Studies, and new equipment sound certification.

Acoustical Systems, Inc. has the precision instrumentation and professional engineering personnel to conduct noise monitoring, analysis, and Noise Abatement Plans per applicable requirements.

Industrial Noise Control Services

  • Workplace Noise Exposure Assessments per OSHA 1910.95, MSHA Part 62
  • Acoustical Engineering Feasibility Studies to meet specific acoustical requirements
  • Industrial Noise Abatement Compliance Plans
  • Field Certification Testing for New Equipment Noise Specifications
  • Predictive Noise Mapping services for future facility planning
  • Turnkey design/build capabilities for single source industrial noise control solutions

Industrial Testing Services

  • Employee Workplace Noise Exposure Testing
    Measurement of equipment noise emission
    • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95, MSHA 30 CFR 62.130, ACGIH Noise Standard
  • Industrial Equipment Noise Testing
    Measurement of equipment noise emission
    • OSHA 1910.95, NMTBA Specifications, Project-Specific Requirements