New Equipment Compliance Testing

Worldwide manufacturing companies have stringent sound level requirements for new or re-built purchased equipment and machinery. Acoustical Systems, Inc. has over twenty-nine years of experience measuring, reporting, and on many occasions designing noise control solution to meet those requirements.

Below are just a few of the Sound Level Certification forms that we use to perform this service.

New Equipment and Machinery Sound Level Certification Forms


Used for measuring power unit system noise, normally located in areas where acoustics cannot be controlled, noise level measurement guidelines are followed as dictated by the National Machine Tool Builders Association’s (NMTB) “Noise Measurements Techniques” handbook.


The General Motors Corporation Sound Level Specifications for the Purchase of New and Rebuilt Machinery, Powertools, and Equipment specifies the maximum allowable sound levels of all steady-state or cyclic of noise generating machinery or equipment at both the operator’s position and all points three feet from the equipment.


The Ford Motor Company’s Global Manufacturing Sound Level Standard for Machinery and Equipment is aimed at preserving the hearing health and preventing auditory disorders of Ford employees. For the installation and use of machinery and equipment, the standard defines maximum acceptable sound level limits, procedures for sound level measurements and reporting of data, supplier and purchaser responsibilities, and deviations from the requirements are established in the standard.


Agreed upon by the EU, the European Community Standard for sound level reporting are international standards prepared by an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) technical committee. These standards are used to quantify noise pollution, in particular industrial and environmental noise metering to protect workers against noise-induced deafness.


Approved by the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), ANSI states: “This Technical Report specifies methods for measuring, evaluating and documenting sound pressure levels emitted by a machine or machine production system(s) during normal operation and when running at idle. This technical report provides guidance for measuring and recording machine sound pressure levels that are the most compatible with the actual conditions encountered in industry, and allows the user to select equipment using ‘buy-quiet purchase specifications’ or to estimate the effect particular machinery will have on existing sound pressure levels once it is installed in the user’s facility.”


Standard of measuring machinery sound within an equipment space.