Field Testing Services

Acoustical field testing is conducted in a wide range of applications in order to quantify different acoustical metrics.  These applications include, but are not limited to; sound isolation between rooms, reflected sound (echo) in indoor spaces, ambient (background) noise in indoor spaces, environmental noise emission, industrial equipment noise, and employee workplace noise exposure.

Acoustical Systems, Inc. has the precision instrumentation and professional engineering personnel to conduct acoustical field testing per specific technical specifications and requirements.

Field Testing Services

  • Field Sound Transmission Class/Noise Isolation Class (FSTC/NIC)
    Measurement of airborne sound isolation in walls, floors, ceilings, doors, etc.
    • ASTM E336/413
    • Military Standards DCID/JAFAN 6/9, ICD/ICS 705
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Testing
    Measurement of Impact sound transmission through floors, etc.
    • ASTM E989/E2179
  • Reverberation time (RT60) Testing
    Measurement of reflected sound (echo) in an interior space
    • ISO 3382, ASTM C423
  • Noise Criteria (NC/RC) Testing
    Measurement of ambient (background) noise in an interior space
    • ANSI S12.2/S12.60
  • Environmental Noise Testing
    Measurement of outdoor noise levels
    • FHA, HUD, and State/Local Noise Ordinances
  • Industrial Equipment Noise Testing
    Measurement of equipment noise emission
    • OSHA 1910.95, NMTBA Specifications, Project-Specific Requirements
  • Employee Workplace Noise Exposure Testing
    Measurement of equipment noise emission
    • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95, MSHA 30 CFR 62.130, ACGIH Noise Standard

New Equipment Noise Level Certification

  • Acoustical testing of new industrial equipment to meet acoustic performance requirements stated in contract agreement between vendor and purchaser.
  • Testing procedure is generally stated in the contract agreement using accepted ASTM or ISO standards.

Environmental Noise Testing

  • Measure environmental noise levels to determine compliance with applicable local or state noise ordinance limits

Industrial Noise Testing

  • Measure workplace noise exposure levels of employees to determine compliance with Hearing Conservation Plan (HCP) action levels defined in OSHA 1910.95 Occupational Noise Exposure.

Our well-developed acoustical field-testing services provide you with the knowledge you need to develop effective designs and determine if the project is within acoustic compliance.