Acoustical consultation in architectural applications range from new construction projects, large and small renovation projects, and working on acoustic deficiencies in a specific as-built space.  Appropriate sound isolation between spaces, proper reverberation and diffusion in specific spaces, and minimal ambient noise from building mechanical components are critical factors in the proper design of a finished space.

Acoustical design review of new construction involves analysis of proposed building construction, finish schedule, and mechanical equipment specifications to ensure acoustic considerations are addressed prior to construction.  Consultation on a renovation and other project in as-built spaces could include field testing of existing acoustical conditions as part of the design review and recommendations strategies.

Architectural Noise Control Services

  • Wall Construction (Sound Transmission Class – STC)
  • Floor/Ceiling Construction (STC/Impact Insulation Class – IIC)
  • Interior Acoustics (Reverberation Time – RT60)
  • Mechanical Systems (Noise Criteria – NC/RC)
  • New Construction/Renovation Acoustical Design Review
  • Construction Site Reviews
  • LEED for Schools and Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) consultation

Architectural Testing Services

  • Field Sound Transmission Class/Noise Isolation Class (FSTC/NIC)
    Measurement of airborne sound isolation in walls, floors, ceilings, doors, etc.
    • ASTM E336/413
    • Military Standards DCID/JAFAN 6/9, ICD/ICS 705
  • Impact Insulation Class (IIC) Testing
    Measurement of Impact sound transmission through floors, etc.
    • ASTM E989/E2179
  • Reverberation time (RT60) Testing
    Measurement of reflected sound (echo) in an interior space
    • ISO 3382, ASTM C423
  • Noise Criteria (NC/RC) Testing
    Measurement of ambient (background) noise in an interior space
    • ANSI S12.2/S12.60