Turnkey Noise Abatement Services

ASI’s application engineers consider several design factors to ensure that each project requirement is met through the independent testing, analysis, design/specification of the engineered materials, fabrication, and installation for industrial, community, and architectural noise control projects. Our many turnkey noise control systems consider a wide range of factors to ensure a successful noise control project. Below, you can find both acoustical and non-acoustical factors that impact your results. Acoustical Systems Inc., will provide you with professional services from acoustic testing through installation to ensure a successful single source project. We can help you determine which turnkey noise control systems are a fit for your specific needs.

Material Selection

Acoustical Material Applications

Acoustical Louvers

Louvers are typically installed in the building walls to reduce the noise transmitted through the ventilation openings needed for mechanical equipment cooling or air distribution. Suitable applications are building vents and barrier wall systems.

Acoustical Vent Silencers

Acoustical silencers reduce both blower generated noise as well as noise which is being created upstream or downstream.

Architectural Acoustical Panels

Panels are manufactured in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet any number of acoustical attenuation needs, as well as colors, edges, and finishes available to suit the architectural and design standards of a given space.

Sound Absorption Panels

Acoustical absorption panels applied to building surfaces reduce reverberation or reflected sound, in turn reducing the noise levels. Absorbers are constructed of fiberglass, foam, mineral wool, and other media with a variety of facings to suit different environments.

Acoustical Duct and Pipe Insulation

Flexible sound reduction insulation or lagging is applied to pipes, ducts, and other surfaces to stop break-out noise radiated off the surface that is covered.

Quilted Acoustical Blankets

Fiberglass quilted blankets with vinyl reinforced barriers are used for indoor equipment enclosures as well as temporary solutions for construction noise, roadwork, and other outdoor installations.

Acoustical Equipment Enclosures

Acoustical enclosures meet high noise reduction requirements by designing the panel construction to provide maximum attenuation at the predominant frequency of the noise source being enclosed. Non-acoustical factors such as ventilation, lighting, physical access, visual access, and fire suppression are also an integral part of the design.

Acoustical Jackets

Custom fabricated acoustical jackets for outdoor and indoor equipment can be designed for easy installation and removal for equipment maintenance and replacement of parts.

As one of the only companies to provide such custom solutions, Acoustical Systems, Inc., is here to help. From initial test to installation, we can assist you throughout your entire project.