New Construction Design Review

New Construction and Renovation Sound Isolation, Ambient Noise & Interior Acoustics Consulting

Here at ASI, we offer new construction design reviews for developers who want to ensure their new buildings have appropriate acoustical design before they go up. Investing in this consultation service can save you both time and money by making sure you are within compliance from the start.

Acoustical Design Criteria Development

First, we develop acoustical specifications (recommended STC, NC, and RT60 values) for new construction using established criteria in designing interior spaces.

Preliminary Acoustical Specifications for Design Development Stage

This helps us develop preliminary construction specifications needed to meet the identified acoustical design goals. Specifications to include:

  • Wall construction (STC)
  • Door and window construction (STC)
  • Ceiling/Floor Construction (STC)
  • Mechanical systems sound attenuation package (NC)
  • Method for treatment of penetrations (electrical outlets, ductwork, plumbing, etc.) (STC)
  • Interior Acoustics treatment (RT60)

Preliminary Report and Review

We then submit a report that includes the results of the acoustical analysis and the construction specifications for review by the architect.

Review meeting to present and discuss the results of the report, address questions, and consider design modifications.

Late Stage Review and Construction Administration Oversight

Provide technical review of design changes made after the completion of the Design Development Phase. The review will consider the effect proposed changes may have on the acoustical integrity of the construction.

Provide periodic construction site inspections to review construction methods as they relate to the acoustical criteria of the project.

Post-Installation Acoustical Testing

Upon completion of construction, perform Field Sound Transmission Class/Noise Isolation Class (FSTC/NIC) testing, Noise Criteria (NC) testing, and Reverberation Time (RT60) testing to document the as-built acoustical environments of the new interior spaces and compare the results to the design criteria of the project.

Submit a final report of the final measured acoustical values and a comparison with the project design criteria to validate the acoustical performance of the facility.

Throughout this process, we make sure to provide you with up to date review of acoustic considerations to serve you better every step of the way. Thanks to our years of practical experience, ASI is an industry leader when it comes to new construction design reviews and other acoustical engineering services.