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Industrial Noise Control Studies

Testing and Certification of Air Compression Noise Levels

Acoustical Engineering Feasibility Studies
With a combined total of 60 years of noise and vibration control experience, ASI provides design engineering and acoustical solutions for industrial noise applications regulated by OSHA / MSHA compliance programs. ASI does not represent or distribute specific product lines. ASI offers unique noise control services to design proper enclosures, silencers, curtains, louvers and absorbers for specific applications with guaranteed results.

Facility Noise Map

Workplace Noise Exposure Monitoring
For the past 28 years plus Acoustical Systems has developed procedures to establish the occupational noise exposure as required by OSHA regulation. These procedures measure the exposure level from various types of noise, such as continuous, pure tones, and impulse noise. Reporting is in accordance with the latest OSHA and ANSI Standard S12.19-1996.

Acoustic Engineering Testing for Industrial Facility

New Equipment and Machinery Sound Level Certification
Worldwide manufacturing companies have stringent sound level requirements for new or re-built purchased equipment and machinery. Acoustical Systems, Inc has over twenty-nine years of experience measuring, reporting, and on many occasions designing noise control solution to meet those requirements.