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Design & Implementation of a Sound Dampening System for an Industrial Application

A chemical manufacturing client in the Midwest was experiencing elevated noise levels due to an installation of vacuum pumps. The noise was exceeding 100 dB, posing a hazard for employees exposed to the sound and not conforming to OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure regulations. Acoustical Systems was contracted to remedy this situation, creating and implementing a custom noise abatement solution.

We monitored the existing sound levels in the workplace, analyzing the frequencies and sources of the sounds to determine an effective course of action. Our engineers were able to design a noise abatement plan, with the design goal of achieving 85 dBA TWA. We developed a sound enclosure for the pump room, procuring the materials and fabricating the components, then performing the installation. Overall dimensions of this two tiered system were 25' by 14' by 22' high. Materials used for this project include 4" two-sided metal acoustical enclosure (with 5 hinged access doors), two-sided composite acoustical curtain barrier wall, and quilted acoustical absorption blankets. The pipes penetrating the ceiling over the pump room were also treated with acoustical duct insulation.

Measurement Position Layout

Measurement Position Layout

A-scale Sound Level Data (Leq) Measured After Implementation

Measurement Position Description A-scale Sound Level (dBA)
1 3' from Front Wall – Right 85.1 dBA
2 3' from Front Wall – Center 84.8 dBA
3 3' from Front Wall – Left 85.0 dBA
4 3' from Left Side Wall 84.5 dBA
5 Aisle in Center of Room 81.2 dBA
6 Aisle at Entrance of Room 77.8 dBA

After the installation was complete, performance verification testing was carried out, with measurements taken at 6 different locations in the space (see diagram above). The post installation measurements were 84 - 85 dBA around the enclosure and 77 - 81 dBA in the rest of the space – results that exceeded our original design goals. The turnaround time for this project was 3 months, and the applications for such a project extends to all industrial situations where machinery like pumps, blowers, grinders, presses, and shakers are used. ASI guarantees our work and processes, creating noise control plans tailor made for each situation. For more information about this project contact us directly.

Sound Dampening System Project Highlights

Project Name Pump Room Sound Enclosure
Project Objective The objective of the project was to quantify the noise levels, compare the results to the project design goal of 85 dBA TWA, and develop a noise abatement plan to reduce the noise to the lowest feasible level.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
  • Acoustical Engineering Studies – Sound Level Monitoring
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering/Design
  • Material Procurement and System Fabrication
  • System Installation
  • Performance Verification
Material/Equipment Used
  • Two-sided 4” metal acoustical enclosure across the lower level of the pump room with five hinged access doors across the front wall.
  • Two-sided composite acoustical curtain barrier wall above the metal above the pump room.
  • Quilted acoustical absorption blankets attached to the existing CMU walls that form the rear right walls of the pump room.
  • Acoustical duct insulation was applied to overhead piping penetrating the curtain tier across the front wall of the enclosure.
Overall Part Dimensions 25’ by 14’ by 22’ high (two tiers)
Project Objective The design goal of the project was to reduce the A-scale sound levels to 85 dBA TWA (Time Weighted Average).
In process testing/inspection performed Incremental Sound Level Measurements during different phases of the implementation
Results The system reduced A-scale sound levels measured during this assessment 84 - 85 dBA around the enclosure and 77 - 81 dBA in the rest of the area. These levels would result in a Time Weighted Average (TWA) levels below the project design goal of 85 dBA TWA.
Industry for Use Industrial Applications such as Pumps, Blowers, Grinders, Presses, Shakers, etc.
Delivery/Turnaround Time 3 months
Delivery Location Midwest
Standards Met OSHA 1910.95 – Occupational Noise Exposure

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