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Noise Control Projects at Acoustical Systems

Automotive Industry

Acoustical Systems, Inc. produced Noise Control systems for an automotive Paint Mix building exceeding the workplace noise exposure action levels stated in OSHA 1910.95. The requirements for the project were to reduce sound levels by 5 dBA in the paint mix room.

  • Roof fan silencers were developed and acoustical insulation on HVAC duct in the Paint Mix Room
  • System contained noise control products with Class A flammability and flame spread ratings compatible with the paint mix room containing explosive contents
  • Standards Met: OSHA 1910.95 - Occupational Noise Exposure
  • Materials include acoustical silencer on roof exhaust fan and acoustical insulation

Family Care Products Manufacturing

Acoustical exhaust silencers and sound enclosures were designed for rooftop fans generating elevated environmental noise levels in surrounding residential neighborhoods. Acoustical Systems, Inc. identified specific equipment generating excessive noise level through acoustical measurements and analysis, designed a noise abatement system to meet the local noise ordinance, furnished and installed the noise control system, and measured sound levels after implementation to confirm compliance with the applicable noise ordinance.

  • Materials were weather resistant as they are located in an outdoor setting, including structural design to meet hurricane-force winds
  • Standards Met: Local Zoning Ordinance Specifications - Environmental Noise
  • Materials Used: Acoustical exhaust silencers, sound enclosures, and acoustical insulation on ducts.

Military Construction

Acoustical consultation was provided on a new construction projects at US military base. We consulted on pre-construction building designs to ensure Military specifications are me. Post construction testing was performed per ASTM standards to determine compliance with project specifications.

  • ASTM E336 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Airborne Sound Insulation in Buildings
  • ASTM E413 Classification for Rating Sound Insulation
  • ASTM E497 Standard Practice
  • Materials included: Sound-Isolating Lightweight Partitions

Education Construction

Acoustical Systems provided pre-construction building designs to ensure specifications are met and performed post-construction testing per ASTM standards to determine compliance with project specifications.
Standards Met:

  • LEED for Schools 2009
  • ANSI 12.60 American National Standard Acoustical Performance
  • Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools


Noise control materials were designed for a ball mill at gold a mine to reduce noise and maintain durability while attached to a rotating ball mill. The challenge was to design a noise control composite effective at frequencies emitted by ball mill and an attachment method to secure the composite to a rotating ball mill.

  • Designed to work in high humidity, high particulate environment, and extreme vibrations, water resistant.
  • Standards Met: MSHA 30 CFR PART 62 - Occupational Noise Exposure

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